Full extract cannabis oil (feco)

Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO)

Choosing the right oil.

Since I published my book, I'm contacted on a daily basis and the majority of the enquirers are when sufferers are having a hard time trying to understand the differences in cannabis oil. Many people assume that regular CBD oil, sold in most high street shops will heal cancer but the truth is (despite many press articles) CBD alone can NOT heal cancer. Don't get me wrong CBD is great for many issues,(which I detail on the next page) but once a person develops cancer, they need full extract cannabis oil, which pretty much means the whole plant has been used. 

FECO over RSO.

In my book I do discuss Rick Simpson cannabis oil, known as RSO. However most of the claims Rick made were pretty dangerous. He advised that all cancer types need a high THC content, which is critically untrue as hormonal cancers become more aggressive with a high THC level. He also suggests producing the oil with naphtha, which is also dangerous as naphtha is a toxic substance, if your body is already in a toxic state (as it will be if you have cancer) then adding more toxicity is nonsense when healing cancer.

FECO is produced using pure distilled alcohol which is much safer, and the right THC potency should be produced dependant on the cancer type.

Tested oil.

When I'm approached by sufferers already taking the oil, the first thing I ask is if they have seen the result tests and 100% of the time, they haven't. 

If you're taking cannabis oil, with no evidence of what it contains or it's potency, you could be putting your life in serious risk. Every oil producer should be having their oil tested regularly and if they don't then you simply shouldn't be taking it. 

Reach out.

If you are healing cancer and unsure if you have the correct oil, then please reach out by clicking the below link and I will do my very best to guide you every step of the way. I will also guide you on using cannabis oil as a preventer.