The book "My Way. Following the cancer brick road."

From diagnosis to all clear naturally in 5 month.

Being diagnosed with cancer is perhaps one of the worst things anyone has to deal with, as soon as you hear the word “cancer” you automatically think it's a death sentence, however it doesn't need to be and it should never have to be. 

Our bodies are amazing mechanisms which can self heal without the need for the toxicity of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy that are used in conventional medicine.

Here in this book is my personal story of how I kicked cancer's ass in 5 months completely naturally. Going against doctor's orders and treating myself "my way", using a combination of diet change, supplements, a positive mental attitude and most importantly cannabis oil.

I also detail why I have lost faith in the medical profession, the real reason why cannabis is still illegal and the main causes of cancer. 

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"My Way, Following the cancer brick road" (book preview).