THC is one of the most extensively studied cannabinoids, and its medical properties are very real.

Do we really need THC – the most widely recognised component of cannabis? This is the same compound that produces the “high” in cannabis. It has generated more than its fair share of critics, and many believe that the compound has no medicinal value at all. Yet, science has demonstrated this is far from the case. In conjunction with other cannabinoids, the molecule has been found to help people deal with mental and physical ailments. Not to mention many people find THC-rich products – when taken at just the right dosage – to be an effective supplement towards their everyday health.

Just check out these 15 health benefits of THC.

  1. THC provides pain relief
  2. Eases nausea and vomiting
  3. Protects brain cells
  4. Effective sleep aid
  5. Helps treat PTSD
  6. Promotes brain growth
  7. THC increases appetite
  8. Enhances senses
  9. THC is antibacterial
  10. Antioxidant
  11. Anti-inflammatory
  12. Bronchodilator
  13. Potential anti-tumour agent
  14. Muscle relaxant
  15. THC is an anticonvulsant

You can't spell healTHCare, without THC!