Book Reviews

"Lots of useful information. The author provided her unique perspective about chemotherapy vs alternative treatments. Many things I've already researched, while other things are new. Her insights on meditation and lifestyle changes are sound. I enjoyed the book and finished it quickly." *****

" A moving, authentic and informative book, beautifully written. With raw and incredible honesty, allowing for all of her humanity, the author writes with such clarity of thought during what must have been a dramatic and hugely difficult period in her life. The solutions she found to beat her breast cancer are incredible and yet so simple, opening the door for others to do the same. Ultimately, this book reveals why a natural alternative to chemo is the only solution to really beating cancer. Highly recommend" *****

" I have read a good few cancer books since my diagnosis with breast cancer 3 years ago, but this is the only one that has kept me up for a good part of the night reading...and I am now reading for a second time. Some people may read Dee's story and be cynical, that's fine..3 years ago I would most likely have been the same...but Dee's story is so how she "did it her way". Her account of how she coped with her cancer diagnosis is simply the truth..her belief (and fears) are hers...but My Way for me is just that .. an honest story written in such an "easy to read" way by an amazingly brave beautiful lady. Some may say it is controversial. Some may say otherwise..for me I say thank you Dee for writing your book." *****

" A very informative read, and a truly inspiring story which opens your mind about natural healing. Great read, loved it." *****

" I can not recommend this book enough! Superbly written and gives a very honest frank alternative view to cancer. Dee Mani really put thing into perspective for not only cancer patients but also for anyone with family that have had to experience cancer. Thank you Dee for taking the time not only just to write this book but also for sharing your journey and wealth of experience " *****

" Very interesting. A lot of research done by Dee. Nice to see the way she explained everything and the fact that it's the chemo etc that people eventually die from. Well done Dee you are a very social lady xx" *****

" What an amazing book and lady! I couldn't put this book down..Dee is very informative and inspiring from start to finish. I felt like I went through the journey with her. This book has inspired me to take control of my own decisions regarding my body and the treatment Im on..makes sense 100% what Dee has done. A must read for anyone contemplating an alternative way of dealing with this dreadful disease. Amazing Dee, thank you for sharing your story, it brings Lisa Xxx" *****

" Very easy to read and so informative. We could relate to so much of the book my wife is reading it again already. " *****

" Great book, so easy to read and so down to earth. Similar to my own Cancer journey which is on going." *****

" Although i am fortunate enough not to have been diagnosed with cancer i do suffer from arthritis and migraine. I was recommended to try cannabis oil. Having little or no idea what to expect i contacted a clinic who recommended that i read this book before taking a tiny drop of oil daily. This book has inspired me to try a new way of life not only with the oil but with the supplements and dietary changes. Thank you Dee for writing the book and i hope to prove that 68 can be the new 48." *****

" I absolutely loved this book. "EVERYONE" should read this book, sick or not sick. This information is vital that you can pass on, to save people's lives. I lost faith in doctors a very long time ago, after the loss of both parents and my sister. Then losing my husband to mental health. The doctors failed my mother and sister disastrously. The medication they were given killed them. And so did it my late husband. We have been programmed from a young age to believe doctors know best. Unfortunately this is not right. They go to med school to learn to treat not cure. After my good friend was diagnosed with colon cancer...I bought the book. And true to form, my feelings are confirmed what this brave lady has gone through....millions are going through the same. But Dee has had the courage to tell her story and decided to fight it without the medical professionals. I have so much admiration for her. Also my children will be brought up with the same beliefs. We all need to start educating ourselves, so we can pass this knowledge on. And before you make a judgement, Dee has first hand worked in the pharmaceutical industry and witnessed the dodgy dealings. They are all nothing but legalised gangsters.
No wonder the pharmaceutical industry is worth trillions. Thank you Dee wishing you a very happy healthy life xx" *****

" I read her story online and decided to buy the book. That evening, I read it to the end and ordered the products she mentioned. I had already done lots of research and she was spot on with her suggestions!" *****

" So much to learn about the lifestyle very clear on everything very inspiring from now on its gonna be my lifestyle" *****

" I enjoyed the awakening journey the author went through, critical thinking based on her personal experiences within the medical industry, diligent research and family members experiences of cancer...which will positively benefit her and her loved ones for many years to come. This book cements the fact that, the Western medical/pharmaceutical industry are solely interested in profits with a thinly veiled front of having the patients best interests at heart. I’m glad the author used her heart intelligence and hope more people shun the “cut, poison, burn” methods promoted by the medically trained, who fail to have the foundational, accurate knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle and how it can affect the body to get to the root cause of anything." *****

" This book just renewed me to continue down the road of alternative healing for cancer. Getting CBD oil these days from a good source should be researched. Go the journey" *****

" I loved this book; informative, courageous and amazing person!" *****

"Dee’s account of her diagnosis and treatment is a truly positive and inspiring read. I have recently watched a close friend go through conventional treatment and have been horrified at how relentless, gruelling and totally unnecessary half of it is. I knew Dee's book would highlight that there is another way. For those that suspect chemotherapy might not be the best course of action or anyone who carries around the worry of maybe getting a diagnosis one day then you need to read this..
Dee is well informed about the use of Cannabis oil, essential oils and she offers up many snippets of useful info. As someone who has lost faith in our healthcare system, this book has further encouraged me and gives confidence to advocate and potentially self treat myself and member of my family should the worst ever happen." *****

"This book came highly recommended via the friend of a friend on Facebook, it just appeared on my wall and from what they wrote I ordered it. The book is absolutely brilliant!!! Not only is it a good read, and an eye opener, but it also contains interesting info on what the author has researched and discovered that can assist with both eradication and prevention of cancer cells.
I took two books on holiday with me, one which drove me crazy by the 16th chapter and ended up being dumped in the hotels book case and this one which I intend on reading again and making notes to try and adopt the preventative foodstuffs. I can highly recommend this purchase.......and if you go ahead.....enjoy! :-)" *****

"Excellent. Informative, easy to read." *****

"So much to learn about the lifestyle very clear on everything very inspiring from now on its gonna be my lifestyle" *****

"Very inspirational! Having been diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, which is considered to be more aggressive and have a poorer prognosis than other types of breast cancer, mainly because there are fewer targeted medicines that treat triple-negative breast cancer, this book gave me hope! We need to open our eyes to more natural treatments and cannabis seems to be curing a lot of cancers." *****